LAVA is the Token of ImaginitTV. Live Aloha. Virtual Access. Create, curate, contribute and collaborate in the Virtual Worlds and in our Virtual UniverCity with Lava.

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Switzerland, Switzerland

About The Event

LAVA : The CurrentC of ImaginitTV

Create * Contribute * Combine

Why Lava?

*Live *Aloha *Virtual *Access

Imagine the strength, fire and power contained within Lava. In its solid state lava is said to be a stone of courage and gives people stability as they go through changes in their lives. When you need fire or energy in your life, engage LAVA in our Virtual Worlds.

“Containing elemental powers of fire and earth, lava rocks are rich in minerals from deep in the earth’s core. Born of fire, these molten creations rise to the surface and become porous creations of earth. Fire is one of the four classical elements in ancient Greek philosophy and science. It was commonly associated with the qualities of energy, assertiveness, and passion, while earth was commonly associated with qualities of practicality, restraint and materialism." (Peaceful Mind)

Lava is considered a good tool for grounding and protection, helping us get connected to the earth. Lava also allows us to ‘root’ scattered energy and find focus and balance.

Lava forms the New Earth that we can be a part of when we Create, Contribute and Combine our skills, talents and enterprises for Global Harmony.

How can Lava be used?

Those with Lava will be able to:

1) partake of activities within Imaginit TV’s VR worlds

2) purchase ‘land’ within a VR world, on which a member can build their own virtual world, showcase their creations or partake in activities, while at the same time retaining the right to earn revenue in LAVA for advertising within that world

Lava can also be:

1) granted by the receiver for the value received in the following three categories:

* Contribution [Lava or crowdsourced wisdom, knowledge or information]

* Creation [any publication, any art form, visual or other (including poetry, prose and books), music, any work of the hands or mind]

* Communication [social media reach, influence, connections made, professional introductions made, collaborations initiated, words spoken]

2) gifted to and/or shared with: other Lava users and associated Lava enterprises (startups), and VR media - Imaginit TV (media fund).

What can LAVA mean for you?

Our new cryptocurrency blockchain application LAVA provides an LAVA ID for our members of our VR global Community that gives a social score. This enables advertisers and businesses to contract directly with our members for assets (logos, videos, product placements) within the worlds they create and socialize in social VR. LAVA is the currentC for all transacting that occurs within virtual worlds.

(Although not limited to use in ImaginitTV's virtual worlds)

LAVA will allow for seamless activity in the VR Worlds and ease of content creation, contributions and collaborations. LAVA can be gifted, received, shared and used as contributions towards entrepreneurial ventures within worlds and those that extend outside of VR Worlds as agreed upon by parties involved.

Advertising and Marketing within Virtual Worlds

It is anticipated that most advertising will be conducted in the virtual world or portal that is owned by a member through the exploitation of street signs, bill boards, bus benches, building names, product placement or any other creative way a member can think of to display a name, logo, video or other messaging.

Advertisers and businesses that wish to leverage LAVA ID will be able to receive an individual member’s LAVA Media Card, which details their social media and other influences (according to the LAVA algorithm). That can then be used to reach an agreement of messaging through either the member’s social media accounts or/and any other means they have of distributing the advertiser’s message.

CryptoCarbon Credits (CCC)

CryptoCarbon Credits can be earned by reducing environmental impact through:

1) the purchase and utilization of those technologies and services which create the least environmental (minimal) impact

2) the use of renewable resources

3) becoming involved in social enterprise/non profits/social good ventures

4) socializing, networking and conducting business in VR as opposed to using the traditional means which involve the carbon-heavy utilization of motor vehicles and aircraft to attend meetings

CCCs will be granted from Admin as well as from our associated vendor alliances (see LAVA Tab). CCCs can be exchanged for LAVA.


All Members are allotted a LAVA ID on the blockchain. It’s anchored in audience intelligence based on psychographics and demographics, and by applying data science to the haystack of a member’s social media data, it is a constantly updating algorithm that produces a social score based on Google findings and social media accounts, taking into account not just the number of followers but also the quality of the member’s interactions.

Every member’s LAVA ID will have a Lavatar which the member can build themselves. It will be their persona in the virtual worlds they enter, interact with and transact in. The member can choose exactly what their Lavatar looks like, through clothing, facial features, hairstyle and so on, as well as adding their three dreams or wishes, their three top global priorities and their three best skills/talents/gifts. In other words, it will be just like the real member, but in VR form, and the characteristics will enable the member to interact in VR worlds in much the same way they would in the real world.

The Lavatar also has its own LAVA Media Card and unique LAVA ID (yours, because it is you in VR worlds), and the LAVA Media Card is based on the LAVA ID social score to enable the Lavatar to negotiate directly on the member’s behalf (using LAVA) for advertising or marketing a business idea, helping or being helped with a project, teaching someone a new skill, or other interest.


LAVA Tab will be accessible at participating vendors (vendor alliances). Members will show their LAVA ID via a code on their cell phone and the vendor may either give a discount or grant LAVA towards purchases of goods and services. In return, the Member’s LAVA ID will endorse the business socially. Each member will benefit from the other members’ LAVA IDs because they will all be in the LAVA pool.

LAVA MashUps in VR

Although almost all of the content in social VR spaces will be developed by the members, for our Members, there will be a few structured social activities on offer. LAVA MashUps is one example. It is free activity and a member will be notified by SMS text (if ‘permissions’ is tuned on) that they have been invited to a MashUp in VR.

A MashUp will occur when a number of Lavatars are uploaded into particular social VR room, based on their tagging and unique LAVA ID algorithm, allowing like-minded, would-be creators and other people (who will be complimentary to the others, according to their Lavatar’s data) to interact together socially and collaborate with each other to help them achieve their goals and satisfy the needs of their business or enterprise.

LAVA MashUps will be ideal for people who are a natural fit for collaborating together, and they have the potential to be the driver for the start of a business as well as pairing up those who need help with those who are able to provide it, bringing those who require mentorship together with those who can supply it, allowing those with skills to deploy them where they are required, or sealing advertising arrangements between two parties (as per their LAVA Media Card and LAVA ID).

All LAVA MashUp activities will require the use of LAVA within the system. It should also be noted that established businesses and enterprises can also have their own Lavatar, and thus their own LAVA ID and and LAVA Media Card, although it will need to be controlled by one person within that business on their behalf. 

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