UniverCity of ImaginitTV

*Mentors *Entrepreneurs *Investors *Incubator Join us in Virtual Reality and Teach & Learn exactly what you want, when you want. Courses include but are not limited to: Entrepreneurship, AR, VR, BlockChain Applications, MR, Health, Music, Art, Epigenetics, and WellBeing.
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UniverCity of ImaginitTV

Time & Location

May 18, 2018, 3:30 p.m.
Switzerland, Switzerland

About The Event

UniverCity: Exclusive for our Members

Enter a living “UNIVERCITY™,” engage in open learning around topics that matter to you in the environment of your choice, Speakers / Authors teach their courses, Foundations, Institutions, Universities host courses, lectures, meetings.

Earn and Learn using Lava, the currencyC of ImaginitTV's UniverCity. You have a special skill, a dream, an enterprise needing support. You want to share your knowledge and gifts with a large audience. UniverCity provides your platform for teaching, learning and earning (Lava).

  • Enjoy Book Clubs - authors own, talk to your audience about your book, engage with them as they have their book club about your written works .
  • Design a future “Smart city;” work with our Design Team to get the details right (energy efficient, food / water, waste minimized etc.)
  • Art Walks - visit your favourite well known and up and coming artists as you walk through galleries .
  • Museum Teasers - experience a time past in VR associated with a museum artifact, curated event, displays alive with history.
  • Imaginit... a library of books in socialVR, pick up a book and be transported into that: story, discussion, ideology, experience...
  • As for records, RockinTV™, visit the record bar & pick up a vinyl, be transported into a concert... some of The Greats, oldies, newbies... Coolest concerts by your design, fantastical venues
  • Go to the theatre, watch a show, dance, music performance, Poet's Cafe™, read your own, be in it. StoryTell, be the star...
  • Create your own story into a 'living' book though our course on Stories: The Story of You Legacy Books
  • Enter the Library and borrow goods in the real world, and in the virtual world, as represented by virtual world objects. The BlockChain smart contracts ensure security.
  • Discover the 'Healing Protocols' which are short programs designed to: conquer real fears, recover from traumas, *heal from ailments, disorders and diseases (see disclaimer below)

ImaginitTV - Reality TV at its best: viewing rooms so anyone can see what's happening in realtime (if the project is deemed publicly accessible during process).

Courses include, but are not limited to:

Entrepreneurship, Blockchain, VR / AR / MR, App Dev, Music, VR Filmmaking, health, quantum physics/mechanics, spirituality, epigenetics.

- Global Think Tank / Socratic style delivery -

We have basic processes that we funnel Courses through. Our Members bring subject matter expertise, we supply the format for open learning in VR.

Professors, as all Members, receive benefit from: successful incubated businesses & lead generation (for business outside of the UniverCity.

All interactions and transactions engage Lava. The CurrentC of ImaginitTV.

Basic Membership is Free. Members will receive benefits and rewards to be disclosed. We are working on a plan for health care but the details are not ready for release.

For now, suffice to say, Community is Health.

MEMBERS have the following Priorities and Principles:

Our 8 Global Priorities:

Uniting global citizens with a mission to solve global challenges (www.AnIdeaNation.com)


Distributing resources and knowledge to promote and spread innovative ideas.


Providing new models of open learning and access to quality education for all.


Looking for and exploiting alternative sources of energy that are both green and sustainable.


Creating sustainably. Providing a future for our environment so there is an environment for our future.


Providing safe drinking water and affordable healthy food for all.


Freedom to express and share ideas. Freedom from all forms of poverty.


Improving the physical and mental well-being of all.


Creating judicial systems that are accessible, fair and transparent. Justice. Truth.

8 Principles:

1. We see no separation between how our actions effect; what you do affects me and vice versa.

2. We first share, lend, trade and explore all resources available before outsourcing for capital.

3. We foster businesses that are sustainable using co-operative models.

4. We are transparent, open and honest in our practices (accounting, books, communication).

5. We are accountable to one another to uphold our values and global priorities.

6. We believe in 'people before profits' as we focus on the holistic wellness of our members first.

7. We crowdsource and crowdfund for community and business needs.

8. We provide exceptional quality services and products that are made to last.

*Healing Protocols are short programs delivered in Virtual Reality designed to help us heal from physical and emotional trauma. The Protocols are currently in development. The experimental short programs take one through a set of experiences designed to free the body and mind from limiting factors.

No guarantees of outcome promised or medical advice given.